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Newspaper seller prays old people live longer else the business may collapse

Newspaper seller, known popularly in North Kaneshie as Yeboah has disclosed that the youth do not spend on newspapers as the elderly due to new media. 

On Daily Hustle with DJ Nyaami, Yeboah revealed that even with the old men and women, most of them barely buy newspapers due to traditional media. 

”Even with the old people, when you send the papers to them they will say that ’we've heard everything in radio.’

We just hope and pray that the ones left will live longer so they keep buying the papers else our business will collapse,” Yeboah said. 

Being in the business for over 10 years, he mostly delivers newspapers to homes and offices before setting up the newsstand. 

”It is profitable but I have another side business that supports me. As a family man, you need to do more to survive,” he added. 

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