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A/R: ECG set to increase electricity levy as residents fume – [full article].

“We won’t agree to this tariff increment. They should focus on fixing the light before talking about increasing the tariffs, otherwise, we won’t accept it,” Sadia Adams, a resident said.

 Residents of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region had kicked against the proposal by the Electricity Company of Ghana(ECG) to increase the electricity levy.

The Electricity Company on Thursday, April 8, 2021 announced an increase in its tariffs in other to curb for some deficit and maintenance activities within the sector. Kwame Agyeman-Budu, suggested that the company needs more funds to support its operations and be more effective.

Meanwhile the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) had raised concerns amid the new development by the ECG in increasing its tariffs. The ACEP believe that the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) should have a reason for its decision and that is what Ghanaians should be aware of.

Following a statement from the Energy Minister on the load outages, some inhabitants and business operators in the Ashanti Region have asked for a load shedding timetable in the region.

 They argued that the move of the Electricity Company is inconsiderate as they thus want the Electricity Company of Ghana and other relevant stakeholders to take steps to address the current challenges with power distribution before any such proposal for an increment is put on the table.

 Some residents expressed their anxiety;

“We hardly get light for our businesses. If there is any intention of increasing the tariff in this current state, it will badly affect us. This is because we are already facing challenges with our businesses and there is no money in the system.”

“At times we come to work without light. We sit here doing nothing. So they shouldn’t talk about any tariff increment, they should fix the light otherwise we won’t accept that.”

“You can wait for hours hoping the light will come back, but it doesn’t, due to the long hours it goes off. Authorities are not giving us any information about it and that is really affecting our businesses. So we want them to explain things to us or provide a load shedding timetable for us so that we can make adequate plans for it.”

Meanwhile the Consumer Protection Agency believe that the timing for proposed increment in electricity tariffs is unconvinced.The Chief Executive Officer, Kofi Kapito, says any possible increment in electricity tariffs would be improperly timed.

“The timing is very wrong considering what the Ghanaian is going through when it comes to these recent power outages. The outages are the concern of the Ghanaian. I think if the outages are solved or resolved, we can look at these non-tariffs that ECG is proposing,”he said.

In the midst of the current trend of intermittent power supply, ECG, says it needs an increment in its tariffs to aid its operational activities.

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