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Alibaba Boss Jack Ma Finally Reveals How To Be Rich By Doing This

The Alibaba founder, a man who rose from nothing into something the world has been wondering about has shared what he believes every youth or individual need to rise into that place of prominence.

He has stunning the whole world with what has become a brand name and a highly prioritized medium in executing online businesses.

The richest man in China said, “If you put the bananas and money in front of the monkeys, the monkeys will choose bananas because the monkeys don't know that money can buy a lot of bananas.

In fact, if you offer work and business to people, they will choose to work because most people don't know that a business can make more money than a salary.

One of the reasons the poor are poor is because the poor are not trained to recognize the entrepreneurial opportunity.

They spend a lot of time in school and what they learn in school is to work for a salary instead of working for themselves.

Profit is better than wages because wages can support you, but profits can make you a fortune.


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