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The knowledge of agribusiness must reach the farmers who are the first line of production.

In common usage, the term "agribusiness" usually refers to large agricultural companies in comparison with small, independent farms. However, agribusiness companies can be large or small, corporate or independent.

Agribusiness also relates to industries that are engaged in farming or that produce farm inputs. Examples of agribusiness include farm machinery manufacturing, seed supply, and agrichemicals.

Again, agribusiness also is used to describe businesses that are involved in the marketing and distribution of farm products. These businesses include warehouses, wholesalers, processors, retailers, and more. Any company that participates in the production, marketing, safety, and distribution of food is involved in agribusiness.

Ghana has a two-speed agricultural sector: export-oriented agriculture is growing strongly, while food crop production is lagging behind. While agriculture for export, such as cocoa and horticulture, is flourishing, food crop production remains dominated by subsistence farming.

The aspect of the whole farming enterprise that needs most attention is the food crop production in order to elevate most farmers to a proper agribusiness status.

If farmers, subsistence or otherwise, are able to move beyond releasing their produce at only the farm gate, that is when the full benefit of their sweat will be realised. This will enhance the capacity of the farmers who are the first in the production line.

Extension workers, for now are concerned with only production or good yield of the farmers, if I am not mistaken. Value addition must be part of their education; that is giving them the knowledge of the whole agribusiness sector.

Value addition means adding value to a raw product by taking it to at least the next stage of production. This can be as simple as retaining ownership of the products for a little while after cultivation.

It also includes any agricultural commodity or product that is used to produce renewable energy on a farm or ranch. Examples: collecting and converting methane from animal waste to generate energy.

In all agribusiness is vital in agriculture for the profitability of the farmers, to empower the farmers and weaker sections of the society, to provide safe, quality and branded food to the consumers, to reduce post-harvest losses, reduction in import and increasing exports, and encourage the growth of subsidiary industries.

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