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Ghanaians Should Rather Be In Favour Of The E-Levy Bill And These Reasons Are Why

Ghana is a very hot place to be in right now. Amidst strikes and explosions, the biggest one might be about to occur anytime soon. The people of our beloved country are on a warfront to ensure that the E-levy tax proposed by the Government is not passed. A lot of influential people are taking stands against the implementation of the tax and it has been an issue in the parliament house for a while now.

Mobile money transactions are one of the most important aspects of our lives now because through them money transfers are faster and more reliable. November 2021 saw Ghana reach the milestone of 47.3 million registered mobile money users with over 80 billion Ghana cedis equivalent to 13 billion US dollars as the total value of performed mobile money transactions.

A lot of people are against the passing of the levy bill but I actually think it might help us in a way we have overlooked. Ghana is knee-deep in debt and that is a fact that has haunted us for years now. About 178 billion cedis alone is the amount of domestic debt owed. We all know that debts don't just disappear. They have to be payed back and with the tax accrued from the E-levy yearly we have a chance to pay back bit by bit.

Also the issue of unpayed wages by Government workers might have a solution if the E-levy is implemented. There would be enough money yearly to provide payment for our workers.

The next meeting for making a decision on the proposal is on Tuesday after the opposition rejected the suggestion to reduce the 1.75% tax to 1.50%

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