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I will not support the cancellation of E-Levy.

” I will say that at this stage, I will not subscribe to a withdrawal. The issue is that it should not have been launched at at the time it was introduced in the first place. But having crossed that, are we not able to take on board the recommendations, the suggestions and then move on?"

“That was something I was expecting during the mid year budget review so at that stage we could have then look at the reduction of the rate. I have proposed anything 0.2 or up to 0.5 per cent."

“The lower the rate the higher the possibility of getting the revenue you need because the impact and incident might be minimal.”

Speaking on the Ghana Tonight show on TV3 Thursday September 29, Dr Nakyea said ”

According to data from the Bank of Ghana, Mobile Money transactions grew consecutively until April 2022 when it dipped slightly.


The Mobile Money transactions in the first four months of this year were January 2022 (¢76.2 billion), February 2022 (¢76.8 billion), March 2022 (¢90.5 billion) and April 2022 (¢87.7 billion).

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