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Chairman Is "Bleeding", Can't Even Make Calls: Iphone From Circle Turns Into Pink Calculator.

We all know the stories being told from Circle. People buy expensive phones at hugely reduced prices only to get home to discover they actually bought a soap at a higher price.

Others end up buying broken tiles instead of cheap phones. But instead of people to learn from it, they rather laugh at these victims of fraud, and soon find themselves in the same spot. The stories of circle phone fraud is all over the place, but day in day out, people fall victim to these same fraud methods and tactics.

The latest of these tactics, is to sell phones to unsuspecting people at very very lower prices. In reality, they are not phones but calculators, shaped like a phone. Just imagine paying Ghc 300.00 for a calculator that is sold at Ghc 5.00 on the same street. Well, "chairman" fell victim to that scam and is now confused.

We feel the pain of the victims, especially "chairman", but our advice to everyone out there is to be street wise and avoid doing business with dubious people or people with questionable appearance.

That way, you are saved from any fraud or scam on the streets of circle.

For now, chairman is bleeding, he can't even make calls with the calculator.

Content created and supplied by: MissChris (via Opera News )

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