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Fish Mongers Dance As They Pick 1000s Of Poison Fish Washed Ashore For Sale Claiming Its God's Gift.

Fish mongers at Osu danced and Jubilated while picking some dead fishes washed ashore for sale claiming its Gods gift. ADOM FM reported that the fishes could be poisonous and should be avoided.

Thousands of dead fishes have been washed ashore of the Osu Sea banks of the Atlantic ocean.

This has been described as the first test for Honorable Hawa Koomson who has taken role as Fisheries and Acquaculture Minister as everyone watches how she will deal with the matter.

The Food and Drugs Authorities have warned the public over fish mongers who would be coming to sell those fishes at a cheaper price. Reportedly when Authorities got the News, some fish mongers had packed majority of those fishes away with the assurance that Nature have heard their suffering and equipped them with free fish for sale.

The FDA reportedly Explained that, when you cut the fishes open, you would find some sticky substance in there as they are yet to identify what actually it is.

They have cautioned the public to be careful in buying fish especially cheap ones around Osu and Accra for their own safety. The Ministry of Fishes and Acquaculture is yet to issue a statement.

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