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Economic Armed Robbery: GRA deepens taxes on properties all round as Gov't widens economic hardship

It has taken many by surprise, exception to those who really understand what this Government is up to, coupled with the characteristic nature of the Ghana Revenue Authority, in relation to the country's budget and economic policy statements. Least did many expect that the Akufo-Addo-led administration would propagate and elicit intense economic hardships in this country, looking at the various promises he put forth, during his campaign periods.

While over GH¢220 Billion loans have been made available for this Government for the past five years, Ghana cannot boast of any developmental projects directly associated with those monies. President Akufo-Addo keeps moving to and fro the Western nations, adding to the debt stock, and increasing it to an intolerable level, but hardship is all citizens can feel. Thousands of young men and women are finding it so difficult to meet their basic needs, after spending so much time school. Unemployment has been the song of the day in this country, and there is no sign that this narrate is going to change anytime soon.

Factually, collecting data on the properties of Ghanaians, with the intention of taxing those properties by the GRA clearly indicates that the government has no respect for its citizens. This is a clear indication of economy armed robbery. Taxing stranded and vulnerable citizens shows how far we have come as a nation; and I believe those who voted for this administration have started taking stock of their own decisions. With this data collection exercise, all those who were able to run away from previous property taxes will be captured and taxed accordingly because the system will make room for transparent inspection and evaluation of the required documents.

But the question is: What at all will the government use all these taxes for? Isn't it going to untraceable pocket as it has been the norm?

If the answers to these questions show otherwise, then why can't Ghanaians feel the real impact of the monies collected from them in the form of taxes?

Nothing can describe this better than what Prof. PLO Lumumba said: "African leaders rob the poor, with the intention of giving peanuts to the very poor so that they could win their political rights in the next elections." Politics is no longer developmental in nature because it has now been converted into a business venture, in the form of economic robbery!

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