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CHY Customers in Jubilation as Payments Begin to Hit Their Accounts

Hell, nearly broke loose among the customers of the popular CHY Mall when the SEC and EOCO were on their nerves in relation to their Genuity in the operations they were undertaking.

Meetings and Press Conferences were held either to disregard or credit the organization. At a point in time, the management of CHY has decided to leave the shores of Ghana where its headquarters were located after deliberation between them, the SEC and EOCO did not bear fruitful results for the company.

The organization used to pay its members through Mobile Money and the bank system, but as there was a change of events, the company could not pay its members, but has assured its members that they would be paid through one of the famous cryptocurrencies, bitcoin. Although it is a fact that CHY has been using bitcoin to pay its members in other countries, this was the first time it was used in Ghana, and perhaps, Nigeria and some other African countries.

This entails a lot of programming and proper assignment of roles in order to achieve their mission.

Customers were asked to set up cryptocurrency wallets like blockchain and coinbase amongst others in order to be able to withdraw their benefits.

What was most disheartening to Ghanaians was that these measures were taking place at a time that the company itself was undergoing a major resolution in their system. Trading days and other criteria of benefit were added and some deducted as they promised that they were planning for bigger things to come.

Withdrawal of payments ordered by customers were pending mostly because the bitcoin payment system among others was under development. Some customers do testify at points in time that they do receive their benefits. However, this week, majority of the customers began to receive the withdrawals they have issued in February 2021. They were excited enough that most of them started posting it on various platforms. We have intercepted some of those posts and bring them to your notice. Some customers are also awaiting theirs to be paid, but it seems their hope is more than before. Share your thoughts and experience below in the comments section with the community.



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