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ECG Power Schedule: All The Facts You Must Know.

I don't really know if I should maintain the name "power schedule" or possibly give it the household name "Dumsor". But wait, whatever be the case, some corners of Ghana will be experiencing some power outages in some few weeks ahead.

That according to Ghana's Electricity Company, is part of plans aimed at improving power supply reliability and system voltages. The information further stressed the collaboration of the Electricity Company and the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) to undertake "interruptions in power supply to facilitate the work of contractors at various stages and times" .

Details of affected places are provided below.

From the table above, the exercise will take a maximum of 8 days: (10th - 17th May 2021). The affected areas are also grouped into four (4). Group A to D.

The schedule also outlined a 6am - 6pm for a "DAY" outages and 6pm - 6am for a "NIGHT" outages.

This is what you must know if the name of your area appears in any of the four groups.


On 10th May (the first day), all affected areas in Group A will experience power outage from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. That's the full day of Monday. On the 12th May 2021 (Wednesday), there will be a night power outage from 6pm to 6am.

Again, on the 14th May (Friday) and 16th May (Sunday) 2021,same Group A will experience a power outage during the day: 6am to 6pm and during the night at 6pm to 6am respectively.


Affected areas in Group B will also experience a power cut on 10th May (Monday) during the "night" from 6pm to 6am and 12th May (Wednesday) during the "day" from 6am to 6pm.

Again on 14th May (Friday), "night" power outage from 6pm to 6am and on 16th May (Sunday), power outage during the day- from 6am to 6pm will be experienced by Group B.


"Day" power outage on 11th May(Tuesday) 6am to 6pm and night power outage on 13th May(Thursday) from 6pm to 6am. Again, on 15th May (Saturday) power cut during the day will be experienced and on 17th May (Monday) another "Day" power outage will hit Group C.


11th May(Tuesday) for "Night" (6pm - 6am) power outage and 13th May (Thursday) for a "Day" (6am - 6pm) power outage. Again, on 15th May (Saturday) and 17th May (Monday), there will be a "Night" power outages for both Saturday 15th and Monday 17th.

Per the timetable, each group is expected to experience the power outages for a number of four days each from the 10th May (Monday) to the 17th May (Monday).

That's two (2) times power outages during the "Day" and two times power outages during the "Night" for Group A. and Group B.

Group "C" will however have "Day" power outages three times and one(1) time "Night" power cut.

Group "D" will equally have a "Night" power outage three times and one (1) time "Day" power cut.

If we are to go by the reasons given by the power stakeholders (ECG and GRIDCo), we then have to expect an end of the challenge by end of day on 17th May, 2021.

As we advise the affected areas to take note of the time and make preparations accordingly, we ask if this should be considered the beginning of a new "Dumsor"?

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Seth K. Nartey

[email protected]

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