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Whiles Bawumia Is Talking About Toilets, NPP Are Downplaying The Economic Hardship Foisted On Us

Selorm Branttie, the Vice President for IMANI Africa has asserted that, whiles Bawumia is talking about increasing toilet access from 33% to 59%, the other NPP members are downplaying the economic hardship foisted on us.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday, 20th October 2022, he wrote;

"Whiles Bawumia is talking about toilets, and while the rabid elephants are downplaying the hardships they gleefully foisted on us, Note that:

1. The young banker/graduate who got their first job paying 2,000 cedis a month and has to look after 2 younger siblings will never be able to make any savings over the next 4 years.

2. Your uncle or auntie who has retired on a pension of 2000 a month cannot buy all the medicines they need for a month. Between BP meds and other special ointments and doctor appointments, they won't have anything to feed on.

3. That teacher/driver/ policeman cannot have enough money to renew their rent in any of the big cities. I bought 2 buckets of paint at 1000 cedis last week. That is half the salary of the average nurse.

He added that the carpenter, Mason or welder who has to buy inputs cannot deliver, delaying the shop owner who needs the display case, who is waiting for the importer or manufacturer who is getting delayed cos the cost of dollars is so high that they can't get the usual consignment anymore..

Meanwhile, the taxmen are roaming around punishing people for daring to run anything economic under the guise that these people are not paying tax, when most are thinking of closing up shop so they can survive on the little they have till years end.

A new employee hoping to get their appointment letter has to wait longer because the employer suddenly needs to cut costs, the rising fuel and maintenance bills don't make it prudent to add on any more staff. He said.

In a nutshell, the losers are many. Nobody is saving, very little value is being added because we borrowed millions and never thought it wise that we should create an atmosphere that cultivates an ecosystem for value creation. Instead, we did projects that were only to catch the eyes of graphic designers with no real value.

Why do we think we can justify it by splashing headlines of other countries getting it mildly tough, knowing those countries have safety nets, while our safety nets lie in a midnight prayer session that literally tells everyone to pay to pray like an alpha?

Is this what good governance meant? Is this the best democracy could offer?

For how long will our children be raised on hope, and promises, while those who make those promises tell you in the face you are nothing until they need you to vote for them to keep you poor?

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