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Photos: If You Have All These Items In Your Room Like Him, Will You Always Stay Indoors?

Guy responding to why he loves to stay indoors with his bed.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have wondered why some people are able to stay indoors for long hours, but they only get out of their rooms or their houses when they have something really important to do outside?

Have you wondered how such people are able to do that, considering the fact that as for you, you struggle to stay indoors for long hours; since you prefer to stay outdoors than to stay indoors?

Guy responding to why he loves to stay indoors with his flat-screen TV which has several movie channels on it.

This guy in the above photo responded to a question of why people are always indoors, but they seem to only get out of their rooms when it becomes really necessary for them to do something outside.

In his response, he posted these photos of himself in a room which appears to be his room. Indeed, though he did write any caption with those pictures, one can really tell that the guy wanted to communicate by the pictures that; his room his comfortable enough and that he would prefer to stay indoors that go out.

The face book post of the question and the response of the guy to the question.

Some of the items in the room included, a fridges packed with processed food items, a flat-screen television with access to Netflix, Youtube, tubi, etc.

He also showed of his playstation game which obviously he plays to have fun when he happens to get stressed up, as well as his comfortable bed with looks quite attractive and sleep-accommodating.

Now the question is, if you have all these items in your room like him, will you always stay indoors?

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