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Some People Are Living In Ghana Whilst Some Are Just Existing: Standards In Ghana(A Sad Reality)

This mother Ghana we all dwell in, there are different levels and standards of living today. Some are LIVING while others are just EXISTING. Those living are the big men who usually have a political influence and those existing are usually those who vote the big men into power. Those living are usually unaffected by the waves of economic hard- ship because they have accumulated a lot. Those Existing are the people trying to survive for today. They keep working and still make meagre amounts.

The people at the top are so removed from the issues that plague the average Ghanaian that they cannot relate to the hardships regular people face. 

The people whose job it is to make our leaders know the harsh reality on the ground tell them that everything is alright.

For instance, I hear the president and the minister talk about how amazing the harvest has been and how there is no shortage of food, because that's what they have been told by the people around them.

But, as those who are very close to farmers know the reality on the ground that farmers are struggling to get bumper harvest.

Flood and drought threaten yields. Prices of inputs have doubled and tripled. Planting for food and jobs fertilizers are not arriving on time. Commodity prices are at an all-time high. 

Farmers are choosing not to farm because they'd rather save their money than lose their harvest. But in spite of all of these, the Minister in charge said everything is fantastic at the just ended farmers day.

That was just the Agriculture sector.

There are serious challenges at many sectors of the economy yet who are we to speak the reality.

Funny enough, you'll see and hear those 'existing' defending those 'living' with every fiber of strength left in their miserable looking selves. The level of hypocrisy and boot licking sycophancy in our leadership is so rampant that the leaders have been blinded to believe they are performing well. If our generation is like this then My heart bleeds for the next generation.


The reality is no one is coming to save anyone because it has been somehow same under different governments. It's time for the people of Ghana to start looking out for themselves.

1.Hustle hard and make enough money so that the problems in this country don't apply to you anymore.

2. Go seek greener pastures elsewhere.

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