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Avoid any of these acts at home if you use a gas cylinder, you may be risking your life

The use of gas cylinders and liquified petroleum gases have caused the death of several people through careless and inappropriate ways and means of handling them.

Liquified petrol gas is very inflammable hence requires absolutely care and expertise when handling them else the consequences that may occur from careless use of it are always deadly.

Let us look at a few acts we do ignorantly that posses as a threat and sometimes causes the loss of lives and property and in some causes leaves people with severe injuries for life.

1.Avoid making phone calls close to cylinders this is because the waves from the phone calls you’re making can be able to start a fire outbreak.

If the radioactive waves from the mobile hits the raw liquified has it reacts to cause fire which may in turn cause the cylinder to either explode or burn uncontrollably.

2.Throw and avoid using old and rusty worn out gas cylinders which pose as a life threat and a potential causative factor which may lead to a serious fire outbreak.

If you notice your gas cylinder is getting rusted or old and worn out, even if you can’t afford a new one just buy a little paint or coal tar and paint it.

3.Gas stoves or cylinders are not meant to be indoors or in the kitchen as it posses as a threat to our health in the sense that the constant release of the gas can not only cause a fire outbreak but also respiratory diseases and lung infections.

We must try as much as we can to always put them very far from us in an enclosed area or cage to prevent thieves from stealing them during our absence.

4.Avoid smoking close to gas cylinders or any where near one or even in the kitchen , if the liquified petroleum is around the environment it may start a wildfire you may not be able to control.

You may also carelessly leave the cigarette bud still burning and this also can cause a serious catastrophe which may cause the loss of life and property.

5.Avoid starting your car or motor bike engines closer to your outdoor gas cylinders as the force in the ignition of the engine can also cause a fire outbreak or the explosion of the gas cylinder.

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