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W/R: Angry Takoradi Traders Refuse To Relocate, 'Curses City Chiefs Over Incompetence

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Traders in Market Circle, the Central market of Sekondi-Takoradi has refused to relocate to a new center of trade after the city's chief's persuaded them to evacuate the old marketplace.

The motive for their refusal was because the new marketplace was uncompleted and many of the women couldn't be able to trade as well because the place was fully packed. The new market had been constructed to help reduce the number of people in the old market to prevent the spread and infection of the Covid-19 among traders and buyers.

The market women made their opinion known and made their stand not to move an inch until the new marketplace was ready. They explained that they couldn't see to it that while some of them were able to trade, others couldn't as there was no space for them.

They further pleaded with the government and people in parliament to try as early as possible to quickly complete the new marketplace for them. They also added they were ready to relocate as soon as everything was done.

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