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11 Years Since The Death Of Michael Jackson, See Why No One Wants To Buy His Estate

When it was done, the Neverland Ranch was undoubtedly the nicest house on the planet. It features sixteen rooms, 29 bathrooms, a 50-seat theater, a ballroom, three visitor rooms, a pool and lake, tennis and basketball courts, and other amenities. Following Micheal Jackson's death, the house was made available for purchase, with a price tag of $100 million suggested.

As it was the pop lord's corner, buyers should rush in. In any event, no one showed up at the house. The house's price was reduced from $100 million to $31 million after a long time, but no one was interested. Is there any reason why no one wants to live in the house in Michigan?

The house was tethered to shame.

Nobody needs to live in the house, according to one theory, because Micheal Jackson's Neverland Ranch, like Ihiala's Ezego House, is imminent. The structure exuded the most heinous tales. How authentic are the stories? That is something I do not recollect. No one, however, needs to vouch for the structure's acquisition.

A few items in the residence correspond to a few incidents of youngsters engaging in indecent behavior. The story, as well as other unfavorable tales, remain unanswered after Micheal Jackson's death, despite his vindication of sexual abuse claims. The film 'Leaving Neverland,' produced by HBO, did not assist the farm's image.

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