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Why is government refusing to account for the Covid-19 expenditures?

Corruption is the bane of the country and is stalling our development. Unless we uproot it completely, it will be difficult for us as a country. When this Covid-19 pandemic rocked the world, some Ghanaians and some people in government are taking advantage of the situation to do wrong. We received huge donations from international organisations, the private sector and also individuals. Up till now, we are still gathering funds to fight the pandemic. We are being taxed with all sorts of taxes and most recently e-levy yet people are still squandering our money.

We as citizens are just asking for accountability and yet the government is dragging its feet. I don't know why they are refusing to account for the monies they have collected. There is audio circulating on social media and also played on TV3 this morning purported to be that of the regional 2nd vice-chairman of the NPP in the Northern Region making some damning allegations against the party. She said she was allocated 100,000 cedis of the covid funds as a party official. I was surprised. I was asking myself what is happening in this country?

According to Madam Tetteh, she received a sum of Ghc 100,000 out of the total amount of COVID-19 funds President Akufo-Addo was supposed to use to maintain the economy during the pandemic. She disclosed in the audio refuting claims that she embezzled public funds. If this is true, then there is no future for us as a country.

If this is how we were sharing money, why won't they refuse to account for the covid-19 expenditures they made. Posterity will judge us all.

Attached is a link to the video as played on TV3 this morning. Watch from 9:50 onwards.

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