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5 Reasons Every Business Needs An Enemy

Enemies are things that are harmful or turns to threaten human life. However, business enemies can affect your business positively.

As entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA to see every problem as a challenge. It presents an opportunity to build a business around solving the problem. It’s why I get so excited and energized talking to entrepreneurs about their businesses.

Having zero competition isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when there are millions of entrepreneurs around the world focused on sniffing out potential business opportunities.

Why aren’t others doing the same thing? Having an enemy is a good thing, and the bigger, the better!

There’s a reason every great business has an enemy to take down, just like every great fairy tale has a villain

Enemies are good for business for a few specific reasons:

1) Tension: Business enemies build up tension in one business thus making the owner rest to do more. It always put pressure on the production of quality products.

2) Innovation: It is also the factor that drives the business to be innovative.

3) Customer service: It makes businesses see the value of customers. They, therefore, try hard to create very friendly customer services to improve the trust the customer has in the business.

4) Credibility: It helps to build credibility between customers and the business Owner.

5) Focus: It put the business on track.

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