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See Why The Ladies Of This African Tribe Don't Bath With Water, This Is What They Do To Male Guests

See Why The Ladies Of This African Tribe Don't Bath With Water, This Is What They Do To Male Guests

The Himba of Namibia

Tall and slender, the proud yet friendly Himba are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, enhanced by intricate hairstyles and decorations. Their skins rubbed with red ochre, they seem to be forgotten by the rest of the world, but this is only as a result of their extreme isolation and conservative way of life. Find out more about this ancient tribe.

They are a semi-nomadic, pastoral people who breed cattle and goats.

Women tend to perform more labor-intensive work than men do, such as carrying water to the village, building homes and milking cows. Men handle the political tasks and legal trials.

Their homes are simple, cone-shaped structures of saplings, bound together with palm leaves, mud and dung

In the Himba culture a sign of wealth is not the beauty or quality of a tombstone, but rather the cattle you had owned during your lifetime, represented by the horns on your grave.

The Himba have been plagued by severe droughts, guerrilla warfare (during Namibian independence and the Angolan civil war) and the German forces that decimated other groups in Namibia. Despite Himba life nearly coming to a close in the 1980s, they have persevered and their people, culture and tradition remain

The women are famous for rubbing their bodies with otjize, a mixture of butter fat and ochre, believed to protect their skins against the harsh climate. The red mixture is said to symbolize earth's rich red color and the blood that symbolizes life.

Africa is a widespread continent that's packed with different humans from one-of-a-kind countries and different cultures and traditions guiding them. These cultures have been practiced because the time in their forefathers and it has been exceeded over from one generation to the next.

Today we're going to take a short look into the lifestyle of a Namibian tribe and some statistics approximately them.

Meet the humans of the Himba tribe

They're called the people of the Himba tribe and they live inside the northern components of Namibia, a southern African usa. These Africans nonetheless comply with and practice their historic traditions even as the sector is already a long way in generation and modernization.

The particular way of life of their girls

The ladies of the Himba tribe performs a greater annoying function than their men, their women are quite hard working. Apart from looking after their young ones, these girls milk their cows, acquire firewood, look for proper water, do the farming, prepare dinner meals, they cope with maximum responsibilities. The men are basically the ones who take their livestock out for grazing and watch over them.

Why they do not bath with water

Another interesting fact approximately the people of Himba is they do not bathe with water, that is due to the fact they live in a heat vicinity in which water could be very scarce. However, this doesn't mean that they may be dirty and unhygienic. They're hygienic and they have a way of keeping themselves smooth other than the use of water.

How they keep themselves clean

What the human beings of Himba generally do is that they follow red ochre on their skin and that they do partake in a each day smoke bathtub to hold themselves smooth.

They try this by way of smoldering charcoal into a small bowl packed with leaves or tiny branches, the smoke from the burning herbs is what they use for cleaning their skin. As peculiar as it is able to sound, it does work for them.

Himba girls cleaning themselves

For a complete-body wash, they cowl themselves with a thick material likened to a blanket so the smoke gets trapped, then they observe the pink ochre on their skin.

This is likewise one of the reasons for his or her crimson skin colour. They are also acknowledged for his or her precise hairstyle, they generally style their hair via themselves.

The Himba tribe are few among different African tribes that also keep to their ancient practice and lifestyle without embracing the life-style of the current world.

They smile at travelers however they frown at some thing that threatens their traditions. This is one of the reasons they nevertheless hold and stay through their historic cultures.

Their unique visitor remedy

The people of the Himba tribe are also known for providing their girls to pass the night time with well-esteemed traffic.

This is a exercise they call “Okujepisa Omakazendu” this means that "Offering spouse to guest".

According to their tradition, a Himba guy will should sleep in another hut or sleep out of doors at the same time as his spouse satisfies their visitor for the night.

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