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Free Water Tax: An Open Letter From A Concerned Ghanaian

As far as this world is involved, there is a saying that goes "there is no free lunch anywhere". Perhaps even for those who believe in God, you will agree with me that God does not just give free things. He gives us all he gives based on something; because we are his creation. So even God doesn't give totally free things. There came a time when covid-19 put financial constraints on Ghanaians. We couldn't go out to even work apart from some "essential workers". This period saw the introduction of a 'relief package' which was in the form of free utilities especially water and electricity power.

Almost a year has gone by since the country received this free relief package from the government at the time. The lockdown was even way shorter. We have anticipated that these free things would definitely come to an end ever since we came out of lockdown and started working. Now, lives are back to normal, vaccines have been dispatched. And the economy, as the president said, is now going to be resurrected, for that is what he can do, not the resurrection of the dead. This resurrection of the economy comes in the form of tax for the 'free' water we are now using.

People have started throwing tantrums here and there, questioning why these things were then classifies as free only to be paid for now. Some are blindly supporting the government in every decision. Others saw it coming so this wasn't a surprise. Well, here are some things to consider.

Have you considered how much the government has lost over the long period we have enjoyed free water? Let's face facts. Ghana is not as endowed in stability of wealth as the other nations overseas. Perhaps they could have given such a thing totally free. But we have something to lose. We are the same people who will start complaining when things are getting tough. Just as you need financial soundness and comfort, the country and the government also does. This tax is necessary.

Also, be glad that this payment of the tax is going to be a nationwide activity. Some have never worked with the Ghana Water Company before. But imagine if they said only those who have tanks and have connected pipe systems from the GWC will be paying this tax. Consider how huge that would have been. But in the perspective of fraternity, we are all coming together to help relieve the government of the burden we have put on them for the year.

The government gave us relief and now it is our time to give them a relief package. Why are we now complaining? This is an honest opinion from a concerned Ghanaian who will also be affected by these necessary taxes. What do you have to say?

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