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The mentioning of Big men behind galamsey is it a mere fable ?

Ever since the government of Ghana declared a fight against the illegal mining popularly called galamsey. There has been a popular phrase associated to the fight ; the Big men. Across the length and breath of Ghana, any time you hear a discussion on galamsey, this fine gentle man; the big men, will be mentioned. So my question is this, who is this fine gentle man that everybody including myself is dying to see in Ghana.

Now let's do some analytical thinking, venturing into this galamsey business is not for the faint hearted since it is capital intensive. This means that no ' shoe shine boy or pure water seller ' can just wake up and decides I am going into galamsey business.

So if these common people so to speak can't afford these expensive machines and its fuelling and yet these machines miraculously find them selves at the various galamsey sites.

Moreover there is a Ghanaian adage that every idle piece of land has an owner. If so can these miners just get up and go into somebody's farming land to work without any approval? Who went into the negotiations for that piece of land and who paid for that piece of land to be used for galamsey. Didn't somebody in the community direct the operators of the machines and machines to the galamsey sites?

Every now and then you will hear social commentators and politicians talking about the big men behind galamsey and yet they are unable to mentioned them .

So the big men phrase is it a myth or a fact ? Since we unable to mention and point them out.

Waiting to hear from you .

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