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Bond investment

Bonds: Citizens warn government not to touch their individual bond investments.

It is sad how the decision of government to use individual bondholders investment for it debt restructuring program will affect many citizens especially pensioners. Government bonds have always been considered risk free, reason many citizens invest in it. Today its obvious the government under president Nana Addo and Ken ofori Atta, minister of finance have change the narrative to make investment in the bond market a risky one now.

According to the government, this measure will help restructure our debt and to qualify us for the International Monitory fund(IMF) support. Meanwhile, the question many keep asking is 'who brought us here' the answer obviously is known to you I guess, yet innocent individual bondholders are to pay for the mismanagement of the economy.

Today, individual bondholders are in dilemma and don't know the faith of their investment in government bonds. Listening some of this pensioner's share their sentiments and tears will make you sad. Some even said considering this government policies concerning the bond will mean they will die before it finally matures and its sad how one will invest to enjoy only to be told to wait after death.

However, per the debt restructuring program government will pay 0% interest coupon payment this year meaning no interest will be paid this year.

Meanwhile, some citizens like Lawyer Martin Kpebu and Mr. Senyo Hosi and others have rise to fight for the interest of this individual bondholders legally through the court. This individuals believe the program is a bad one and wont benefit any investor hence the need for government to reconsider another alternative.

The government of Ghana should explore other alternatives than use the individual bondholders investment to restructure our debt. Else lots of citizens will be affected psychologically and emotionally and hence leading to more hardship....

Are you affected by the government decision? Then you have to join the call for government to reconsider it decision on the use of your investment to restructure debts....

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