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Is Dennis Miracles Aboagye Speaking The Truth About Ghana's Economic Situation?

According to NPP's Dennis Aboagye, Ghana is not the only country facing economic challenges at this point. " Have you asked yourself how the pounds are performing against the dollar? Is it only the cedi that is performing badly against the dollar?".

"Our friends in the neighbouring Francophone countries who used to experience inflation in the region of 0.5% are now facing higher levels of inflation of 7%. Take Cote d'Ivoire for instance, their inflation rate is unprecedented in recent history".

Even though NDC's Sammy Gyamfi vehemently disagreed with Dennis Aboagye's points as he pointed out that the luxurious lifestyle of the NPP government should be blamed.

Global financial analyst Joe Jackson also indicated that the Finance Minister's announced strategy for saving costs was only a way of getting some trust from citizens as it only saved GHS 4 billion out of GHS 103 billion spent on an annual basis.

Despite various comments made by other panel members on TV3's Keypoints show, Dennis Aboagye has insisted that " the cost of living is high in other countries. It is not only Ghana."

Many Ghanaians have vehemently reacted to Dennis Miracles Aboagye's comments on the economy. Is Dennis Miracles Aboagye speaking the truth?

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