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VIDEO: If you give GHc100,000 to an idiot, he'll waste it – Billionaire McDan says


Daniel McKorley, a Ghanaian business magnate and the founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the McDan Group of Companies has highlighted ways why Ghanaian youth invariably don’t become successful in business management.

According to him, most Ghanaian youths aren’t disciplined and hardworking.

Speaking on Oyerepa Breakfast Show, McDan stated that, ‘there is no discipline and hardworking on the part of Ghanaian youth. If you are not disciplined, you can’t handle a business and be successful.”

He explained that, even if one gives a huge sum of money to someone who isn’t disciplined and wise, the capital will be wasted.

As per the billionaire, businesses that grow are not a result of the name of the companies nor the capital involved; however, the person or the brain behind the businesses makes them flourish.

He stated emphatically that, if an unwise person is given GHc100,000 to start a business, he or she will squander the money and collapse the business.

“If you give GHc 100k to an idiot, what do you expect?

He will waste the money, and you the giver will even feel sorry for him.

But if you give money to a wise person, he will triple it around for you. So it’s not the money, it’s the person behind the money.”

It is the person behind the business who makes it going; it’s not the business per se.” McDan stated.


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