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Opinion: ECG will be more profitable without Meters

After a long thought, I had come to understand that one major cause of Electricity Company of Ghana's inability to make as much profit is the huge amount spent yearly to import meters not forgetting the maintenance costs.

Prepaid metersGovernment has from 2012 to 2015 imported a total of 999,135 prepaid electricity metres for the operations of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCo).

The total cost of the metres stood at $99.2 million as at December 2015.

Out of the number, NEDCo received 235,000 pieces of the metres at a cost of $14.5 million, while the ECG received 764,135 pieces at the cost of $84.7 million.

These alarming costs have not proven any better since. Even though we are yet to receive the total costs of imports for the period 2020/2021, we are certain that these figures will not prove any better.

One thing that's for certainty is that the company spends huge amounts importing these meters. Out of which, 50 to 65% is faulty or totally malfunctions due to factory errors.

I believe that a sure way to bridge the ever increasing expenditure of the company is to rather take out all these meters and put consumers of an average fixed rate.

For instance, lifeline consumers can be placed on a fixed rate of 30ghc monthly and this will cut across all lifeline consumers.

The company can then assign respective agents or mobile means of payment.

In this way the huge amounts used to import such meters can be curbed and that money can be used to focus on the provision of stable electricity.

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