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Most Unusual Things Made Out Of Pure Gold

Gold can be put on anything our hearts love, from cars and luxury goods to the most lavish desserts.

Gold Toilet

The Solid-Gold Toilet - Top 10 Famous Toilets - TIME

For certain people, time spent in the bathroom is a very unique experience. After a long day at work, they use those private moments to unwind and relax. Imagine what it would be like to use a gold toilet instead of a normal one! Consider how much money it takes to build such a toilet. Between 2016 and 2017, the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum featured a completely functioning 18-carat gold toilet modeled by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The cost of the project was not disclosed.

Gold Dumbbells

We've seen a lot of stupid gold stuff so far and wondered why anyone would want them. This, however, is not the case. This is the most absurd thing I've seen so far! Gold dumbbells! If you despise working out with ordinary, low-cost equipment and have the funds, the issue is solved. Kristof Hock, a German designer, created a line of high-end fitness equipment, including gold dumbbells that cost $125,000 each.

Gold Shirt

No, we withdraw what we said earlier; this, at least so far, is the silliest thing made of gold. Some people are so enamored of gold that they would wear it all the time if they could. Quite literally. Several years ago, a man in India had a shirt made entirely of gold tailored for him. The shirt was made of 14,000 pieces of 24-carat gold and weighed slightly more than 7 pounds. It cost about $240,000 and was made of 14,000 pieces of 24-carat gold.

Gold Contact Lenses

Gold Dress

Gold Plated Car

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Gold Barbecue

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Gold Computer

Gold Coffin

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Gold Toilet Solomon R. Guggenheim


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