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Deceptive Tactics of mining companies:

Many mining companies operating in poor rural communities are very deceptive. Their objective is to seduce some of the local residents and thereby divide the community, in order to carry on their operations. The company may promise services and infrastructure development to local communities, such as roads, bridges, clinics, schools, medical/dental care, and education scholarships, etc. They may also offer high-paying jobs (for a while), to certain individuals from the community. 

While some promises are kept (at least at the beginning) many are not. The effect is to implant the new idea that the community is “poor,” and to make material wealth more important than cultural and social wealth. This strategy of mining companies creates dependence on their presence and the goods and services they provide. It is important to make our people aware of the dangers of this strategy and its consequences.

Dependence on mining company services sets the society up for eventual collapse when the company leaves. Communities may be desperate for roads or other developments. If there is a high rate of unemployment, many people may want to work for the company. This tactic is much more effective in areas abandoned by governments, where communities may not have any other alternatives. Gola Konneh is a good example. 

Let is protect our resources!

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