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2021 Covid 19 Issues On The Local Market

Covid 19 on businesses in Ghana is really becoming scary due to it negative effects.

Market women and all other traders are complaining about the Covid 19and How it had pushed thier customers to the verge of thorough selection ofstock to buy.

Sanitation matters on the market has also resulted in low sales to market traders. This is because, customers fail to purchace their commodity because they care more of their health the Covid Issues.

Many but a few of these traders put their mask as an exercise to the Covid Protocols. In addition to this, when the consumers of sellers fail to obey the protocols or wearing of the protective clothing, both consumer and the seller find it difficult to trade. Why because they are not doing the right thing as said by govern and ministery of health that they should obey all the safety measures.

Also many people find it unsafe going out even to the extent of visiting the market. Consumers are afraid of getting infected with the virus.

Maybe obeying the Covid Protocols can help boost the Economy to a standard expected.

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