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Our Kumahood industry is full of evil and you need protection to survive -Big Akwes

Big Akwes is now the man at the moment and people love to do interviews with him because he said he doesn't lie and he always tells the truth. After zionfelix interviewed him people loved that interview so a lot of people want to have an interview with him because he said he always tells the truth. Poole Multimedia also had an interview with Big Akwes yesterday and it was very fascinating.

At the start of the interview he talked about the kumahood industry and he said the kumahood can't rise again and if it will rise again only God can't make that happen. He said the industry is full of hatred and there is no love. People always keep others' issues inside them and this has caused hatred among the kumahood stars. He went to say that the industry is full of evil and he is also evil. He is 50/50 because he does evil and good things at the same time. You can't work through the industry without protecting yourself or else you will get killed in a short period. He said he has protected himself and no one can try him unless the person sees himself as having a strong power. Our industry is full of hatred and evil so you have to protect yourself very well to live very long.

He went to say that any person who has power will never work with Lil Wayne because he is evil. A lot of kumahood stars hate Lil Wayne because he doesn't respect them he sees himself to be on top. He can see all the stars in one place and will pass by without talking to them. Also when you work with him is very difficult for him to give you his money. A lot of people have stopped working with them because he is not generous.

The last time he even said that Agya Koo does not have money to produce movies. This hurt a lot of kumahood stars and even Agya Koo. Agya Koo didn't say anything about it and that is how Agya Koo is he doesn't like talking. After that, he met Agya Koo and wanted to talk with but Agya didn't mind him. Also, Lil Wayne should accept that Dr. Likee is the one on top now and his time has passed. People will love to work with Dr. Likee now than Lil Wayne because this is his time.

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