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Ghanaians don’t see the opportunities in the country, but it is the best place for business - German

German CEO Llaka Schrage has stated that there are many business opportunities in Ghana, but Ghanaians overlook them and travel abroad to work. 

Speaking on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Llaka indicated that Ghana is one the best places to invest due to the availability of natural resources and raw materials. She mentioned that she hopes to start either a gold or cocoa business.

“I saw an opportunity in the gold business, but it needs a lot of money to start. When you think about gold, you think about Ghana. It needs to be step by step. 

"The other thing is cocoa. We visited some farmers for cocoa, and I think It’s also a good business venture. Everybody here in Germany needs cocoa for chocolate or cake. It is very famous in Germany and the neighbouring countries,” she said.

In a chat on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Llaka believes there is a reason many foreigners choose to relocate to Ghana. 

“Accra is growing. Many people come and start their lives in Ghana, and they are happier than before. There is a reason. Ghanaians are very clever and enjoy life. They want to earn something, but they enjoy life as well,” she said. 

Llaka Schrage is a CEO of a security company in Germany, dating a Ghanaian. They hope to settle in Ghana soon.


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