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Transportation prices on the hike

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It's very clear that the economy of Ghana is blossoming but all the same, money is hard to find right now since the pandemic had it's way and did more harm than good. Infact, the pandemic did no good at all but by the special grace of God, we are lucky to still maintain three square meals per day.

However, transport fare has been something that has never been constant in Ghana. It is always on the increase from time to time. Today the fare can be 4 cedis while tomorrow 6 cedis. In the last two years, transportation increased over 100% making it a thing of worry for the public.

According to The Ghana Private Road Transport Union, the increase in 2020 was because of the rising cost of petrol, as well as the price of other items such as spare parts. There have been concerns that the higher cost could affect the price of goods and services in general. That is why in this article, we are going to give you the estimated bus ticket fare in Ghana 2021. 

Accra to Kumasi (Adum) - 45 cedis

Accra to Tamale - 110 cedis 

Accra to Takoradi - 35 cedis

Accra to Bolga - 125 cedis

Accra to Paga - 130 cedis

Accra to Navrongo - 130 cedis 

Accra to Wa - 105 cedis 

Accra to Nandom - 120 cedis

Accra to Aflao - 32 cedis 

Accra to Ho - 27 cedis 

Aflao to Elubo - 190

Bunso to Kumasi - 45 cedis 

Bunso to Paga - 130 cedis 

Bunso to Wa - 105

Bunso to Dorma - 60 cedis 

Bunso to Navrongo - 130 cedis 

Bunso to Bolga - 125 cedis 

Cape Coast to Accra - 33 cedis 

Cape Coast to Tema - 38 cedis

Cape Coast to Kumasi - 44 cedis 

Kumasi to Aflao - 50 cedis 

Kumasi to Nandom - 80 cedis 

Kumasi to Bolga - 65 cedis

Kumasi to Tamale - 50 cedis

Kumasi to Wa - 60 cedis

Kumasi to Sunyani - 18 cedis

Tema to Bolga - 115 cedis

Tema to Paga/ Nav - 120 cedis 

Tema to Takoradi - 35 cedis 

Tema to Cape Coast - 30 cedis

Takoradi to Tamale - 105 cedis 

Takoradi to Bolga - 120 cedis

Do you think something should be done about the transport fare? Is it too much or just okay? Please don’t forget to comment, like and share.

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