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Advise to the Youths of Today, the Best is Yet to Come.

This article is not made for promotion of a person or advertisement for business or a products.

Today article is a special advise from me to the Youths of today.

No one teaches us the difference between assets and liabilities, no one teaches us how to invest. No one teaches us how to create and build a brand, no one teaches us how to create generational wealth. No one teaches us how to take responsibilities.

We are only thought to go to school, chew and pour, graduate, get an office job and buy liabilities (Cars, home appliances and house). I hope you understand what I mean by "home", if you don't understand I mean "married". And we grow up to become leaders.

If you want to change the mindset of today's leaders, better change your mindset. An old Bent tree can never be straightened, but the young ones can do. Abstain from sex if you are married or you don't have money to cater for someone to build strong foundation in your life.

You are free to share this article to your friends and families and don't forget to like and comment if you don't understand something concerning this article. Thanks for reading this article and I hope you will go about it.

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