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Why Should Ghana Revenue Authority Spend Again To Collect Data? What Happened To The 2021PHC ?

Following the public announcement made by Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to collect data on properties, many people have raised a lot of questions. This article looks at some of the concerns raised.

Firstly some people believe that Ghana Revenue Authority should go to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) first before spending many cedis to acquire data on properties. GSS have that data. They don't need to reinvent the wheel or spend the money they are about to spend again. Ghana just spent GHS 521 million on a people and HOUSING Census.

The data from the census involves the people who live in; and own most of THOSE Properties as Tenants and OWNERS. We have data on Commercial buildings to. All companies that file taxes, tell you who they pay rent too. Mine tax filling for data.

Once GRA cross-reference that data with the Census data; they can then cut cost down. This way, you can then refine your data collection as a mop-up exercise.

The second issue is this, why can't we have a collaboration where that data is shared also with the relevant district and municipal authorities in charge of rating to merge and compare data?

Instead of embarking on another exercise and wasting time and money at this crucial time when our expenses as a nation are sinking us deeper, GRA should consider this.

Why do we want to do everything in duplicate and triplicate instead of mining all the important data we have collected over time?Why are we so averse to using existing data and analyzing it to solve problems?

It's very important for GRA to embark on the property tax data collection but should try to make use of the available data first. This will reduce duplicates.

In this age of digitization, data and information are very important. Any data that the country has spend to collect should be used in any possible way it can.

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