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Hustling And Living The Accra Dream: Meet The Couple Taking Over Accra With Snack Business

There is absolute pride living by your own hustle in the rather challenging streets of Accra. The holy scriptures even note that it's rewarding labouring to feed yourself and a family than robbing people of their hard earned money.

In the streets of Accra, a couple is making waves with their collaboration in promoting their snack business during the day. This is strictly business, and they know no shame in carrying the loads of bread, fermented maize drink and cups.

The couple whose name is yet to be established are often spotted at Dzorwulu ,Shiashie, East Legon and and Airport Residential areas with playing their trade. They have become the latest sensation in town.

They offer their snacks in branded paper cups and with some touch of class. For the man, he normally dresses gently with a white long sleeves and a flying tie.

Their story has become an inspiration to many youth across the country especially when unemployment continues to surge. The couple have proven that there are opportunities abound that the youth can take to earn a decent income and lives.

The couple had given their trade a growing brand in the city. It's likely the price of the drink which is popularly known as 'ahe', might shoot up with this touch of class offered by the couple.

One thing that is worth considering for the couple is procuring an engine powered carrier for their snacks so they could protect their spines due to the impact of the weight they carry on their heads. It will even make their business smarter and more appealing.

Another matter of relevance to their business is a brand name that must be given to their snacks. This will help them to be identified and offer them a unique customer base.

In this era of social marketing and e-commerce, identifying with a brand and enhancing their packaging will give their business a boost. People could place an order online and get their snacks delivered in minutes.

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