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GIPC Law against Foreign Traders Should be Looked at Again.(Opinion)

The law prohibits foreigners from engaging in retail trade including selling in the markets, operating a saloon or barbering shop and hawking on the streets.Ghana hosts the Afcfta secretariat in Accra which seeks to promote integration between African countries.Is it not an irony that we have a law that discourages our fellow Africans from living with us?

True,in every country the citizens come first before foreigners but this law,in its haste to please locals, has refused to take into consideration some realities.The authorities have ignored the fact that Ghanaians are also in other countries performing the very activities that this law frowns on.Will a Ghanaian who has sojourned to a foreign country and is doing well in that land, selling in a little corner of the street,be happy with such a law?

This law is endangering the livelihoods of such Ghanaians as there could be reprisal attacks on them.The law is pitting Ghana against other countries especially African countries. Are we ok to hear that a Ghanaian has opened a shop in a foreign country and is doing well but are quick to prevent others from doing same in our country? This law is trying to fight the human nature that moves people to settle in other communities other than their own and becoming part of such communities.

It can be tweaked to accommodate foreigners by granting them some percentage of the retail sector.It can for instance,be 20% for foreigners and 80% for locals.To totally shut out foreigners in this sector is to promote conflict.If local traders are disadvantaged because of the influx of foreigners the government can set up a fund for them to draw from and make their businesses more competitive.

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