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Prof. John Gatsi - The Inflation rate is a response to shocks not mismanagement of the economy

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Professor John Gatsi has made some awesome points on Connect FM dialogue series .

According to the Economist, he would not advise the government on whether to implement E-levy or to go to the IMF but he will prefer to ask the finance minister to exploit multiple revenue streams whilst making sure that there is a fairness principle behind the E-levy . He explained that , it would not be fair for two people to visit the Takoradi Mall to make purchases where the one who pays via momo is taxed whilst the one who pays cash is not taxed. He advised that if there are citizens who are not paying taxes, government should put in mechanisms to help such persons to pay taxes .

He encouraged that the country's inflationary issues should not be politicised since the change to 15.7percent is a response to economic shocks but not mismanagement of the country's economy.

The Professor also said that ,in recent times, the political trend in Ghana is that of eight years and so there must be project registers to provide easy handing over notes to successive governments on all public projects. He advised that government should pay attention to a National Development Plan to restructure the economy . The Professor encouraged a continuous dialogue between the NPP and NDC before policies are made due to the eight year political trend . He applauded the former vice President Aliu Mahama for his leadership role in campaigning for discipline in the country.

Professor Gatsi also mentioned that Ghana has backslidden from the path of promoting agriculture and should focus more on agriculture instead of importing basic farm produce.

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