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Agriculture Is The Backbone Of Ghana's Economy. See why?

Agriculture plays an important role in the socioeconomic development of Ghana as it contributes to ensuring food security, provides raw materials for local industries, generates foreign exchange and provides employment and income for most of the population. Agriculture is the backbone of many countries in the world these countries include India, Mexico, China, The United States, Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Ghana etc. The following are the reasons why agriculture is the backbone of Ghana's Economy:

1) Agriculture provides raw materials

The production of raw materials exported outside Ghana in the year 2018 was 20.8 million tons of cassava (4th largest producer in the world),2.6 million tons of palm oil (8th largest producer in the world),947 thousand tons of cocoa ( 2nd largest producer in the world, second only to Ivory Coast),7.8 million tons of yam (2nd largest producer in the world, second only to Nigeria),4.1 million tons of plantain (2nd largest producer in the world just behind Congo),2.3 million tons of maize.

2) Agriculture serves as an aesthetic value

Tourism is a key economic driver in Ghana which generates foreign exchange earnings, creates jobs and wealth as well and also stimulates other sectors of the economy. In 2017, Ghana gained an annual aggregate value of GHS 8,481,653.20($5,849,416). In the year 2017, the sector contributed GHS 12.58bn ($2.7bn) or 6.2% to the national GDP. A total of 1.3m international tourists visited the country that same year. Some of the places they visited include Aburi Botanical Garden, Mole National and the Kakum National Park. This serves as a revenue to Ghana's economy.

3) Agriculture is the main source of food security.

Food security is more than just how much is produced. For a country to be food secured there is a need to be a consistent supply of healthy foods and need to be accessible to all. In the year 2017, only 8,000 tons of tomatoes were imported from the neighbouring countries but 440, 000 tons is consume annually. It contributes 54% to Ghana's GDP and accounts for over 40% exports earnings.


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