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ECG employees conduct customer education in the Krobo enclave.

Following the installation of prepaid meters in several areas under their authority, staff from the Electricity Company of Ghana in the Krobo District have begun several consumer engagement and education activities.

The continuous education sessions have been conducted in a variety of ways to ensure that customers understand the working of the prepaid meters, including the use of media, an information van, and information leaflets.

The encounter began on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, and ended on Friday, September 9, 2022. At Somanya Roundabout and Somanya Market, the personnel engaged with members of the general public.

They informed the general public and customers about how prepaid meters function and how they differ from postpaid meters.

They explained that the meters calculate how much electricity has been consumed similarly.

The main distinction is that prepaid meters require purchases for consumption, but postpaid meters allow clients to consume and pay after invoicing.

The employees also warned members of the public not to tamper with the meters because there are consequences for doing so.

They further stated that, although being prepaid meters, they are nonetheless monitored regularly to ensure that they are functioning effectively. To that aim, an appeal was made for ECG staff to be granted access to meters for such checks as needed.

Participants voiced concerns about a certain deduction that occurs when they acquire credit, albeit they agreed that it does not always occur.

It was explained to them that this is known as a "service charge," and it is deducted once a month. These are the funds that allow ECG to ensure that, for example, faults and customer service professionals who travel to customers' homes to resolve issues are not charged for services. It also assists the organization in purchasing the equipment required for improved service delivery.

It was stressed that this is deducted once a month and is the same in all locations where ECG works.

Customers also expressed their dissatisfaction with the exorbitant expense of installing separate meters. They were urged to file a petition with the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission, as this is the body that sets prices for all of ECG's operations.

Some of the attendees inquired about the debt and how to handle it. They were told that the debts would be handled on a case-by-case basis, and that payment schedules would be tailored to each individual. They were also encouraged to make plans to begin repaying the loan.

Clou and Alpha Watson meters are being put in the Krobo Areas. There are several brands of prepaid meters, however, they all function the same way.

They both include a user-interactive device that allows customers to monitor their credit balances, for example.

The education sessions went well, and the attendees were enthusiastic about them.

The education will continue to educate and sensitize customers.

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