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A Rich Man Gave all His Wealth to The Poor, Then He Died But With Something Precious

This young man'swhole family was not only wealthy, his parents were so wealthy that they had several hundred million dollars in their accounts. They owned a large international company with offices around the world, although from childhood the boy did not experience any financial problems.

A man named Ali Banat was born in Australia on February 16, 1982, what people will say about him is that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he really was.

Young millionaire, successful businessman and representative of a local elite, he had everything one could wish for at his age and any other age as well.

He had absolutely everything he could imagine and his parents tried to give their son only the best things, a prestigious education, expensive accessories, money for a luxurious lifestyle and later he started his own business.

Moreover, the formal cancer was so aggressive that it had already reached stage 4, the doctors only shocked the head sadly and repeated that he had little time left, about 7 months.

Ali wasted his time like any other rich person, his morning starts at noon, followed by parties and meeting friends. He never considers how much he spends in clubs, nor was he stingy when it comes to spending money on himself, he bought different types of exceptional things like expensive wristwatches. , expensive cars, clothes and homes.

It is not known what each of us will do in our place, maybe some will use their last days to spend all their time on money, but Ali decided to do something different. Of course, having a huge property and great opportunities, he could proceed with immediate treatment but Ali did not.

The information of a serious diagnosis fundamentally changed his whole attitude in life, he decided to sell his business, all his car collections, all his expensive watches, his fashionable clothes including his houses and everything else. 'he had in order to help those in need.

As he recounted when sitting at home in the evening by the fireplace, I suddenly realized that in 30 years of my life, I hadn't done anything meaningful in this world. I realized that I was just wasting my life on various entertainment and pleasures instead of helping people and maybe making someone happier.

He first went to Africa and after that he was able to personally visit around 100 different countries with a charitable mission. In these countries, several free schools have been built and established from its own funds in areas where children of poor parents simply do not have the opportunity to study, to thousands of children he didn't even know.

To do this, he founded the happiest organizing forum, Ali decided to live the rest of the time he spent in this world in a completely different way than before, so that on his last day where he could look back and understand that his life had not been lived in vain. It turned out that he was able to do more than before.

In the most remote villages and towns where the local populations of the 21st century suffered from a simple lack of water, he financed the digging of dozens of wells.

For 600 orphans who ended up on the streets, he built large hostels with utilities and amenities. He tried to be everywhere when help was needed and to do whatever depended on him personally for people he had never met before.

Ali spent his last days in the hospital where he recorded and posted several videos in which he spoke about his inner changes, kindness, love, compassion and helping others.

Thanks to his money, religious places, schools, hospitals and many more have been built and the number of lives saved is hard to imagine.

Everything he did for others will forever be remembered by thousands of people and they have a reason to say it as long as a person is remembered, they are still alive. After all, money is just paper and you can't take it with you, no one knows when it will be their last day.

His foundations are still building schools, hospitals, including orphanages.

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