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Ghanaians Reacts As A Disabled Woman Carries Water On Her Head To Sell

The saying that, disability is not inability is really something that a lot of people with disability normally try to prove.

Eventhough, a number of people with disability normally depend on family members and other people in society to survive, some have defied the odds by engaging in productive activities to be self sufficient.

People with disability who try to be self sufficient are either engaged in business or in technical and professional ventures.

This lady in the picture is an example of how some people with disability are hard working to be self sufficient despite their disability in society.

As captured in the picture, the disabled lady sells water and other soft drinks in the Market just to be self sufficient and to survive despite her disability nature.

With one leg, she is able to carry water and other products on her head to go round and sell to people, unlike other disabled persons who can only result to begging to survive.

The decision by this lady to carry things on her head to sell has received a lot commendation from many people who think that, she must be assisted to start a business venture to help her survive.

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