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Currency News: How Much Is A Dollar, Euro And Pound Sterling In Ghana Cedis

Early today joy business news report how the Ghana cedi is competing in the market and per their report it was seen that Ghana cedi is depreciating against any other currencies. The report shows the rapid rise in Dollar, Euros, and Pound Sterling which is sad news for Ghana because Ghana has a country, imports more than exports, and this will increase the price of goods and services which the average Ghanaian might not be able to afford. 

Now a dollar is GHS6.11 and that of euros and pound sterling are GHS7.20 and GHS8.44 respectively. 

And Ghanaians don't seem to understand why the Cedi can't compete with other currencies because they believe Ghana as a country have everything to turn every other currency but the leaders in the are somewhat lacking, although we have learned economical people and these people seem not to care because they are not the average Ghanaian.

Others are also saying that this current government slandered the previous government(NDC) when they were in power as incompetent because of issues like this and now they are doing the worst job of it. 

See the screenshots below:

Source: Joy business news Twitter

What Do You Have To Say As A Concerned Citizen?.

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