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Good news to All Ghanaians as Rent Control Department has taken this bold step.

Ghanaians all over especially those with low income have been facing the difficulties by some landlords charging 2 or more years rent advance before securing an accommodation most especially in the urban areas.

It's not easy for a labourer whose earnings is less than GHS500 to afford an accommodation with an initial advance of more than GHS4,000 upfront.

As a way of controlling this, the government through the Rent Control Department have sounded a caution to the landlords association in Ghana to desist from taking advance from their tenants over six months period.

In a speech delivered by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Rent Control Department last Monday, Mr Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu said, any landlord who is found guilty of taking more than 6 months rent is likely to be jailed for two years.

He explained that taking rent is not an avenue for them to recoup all their monies used in putting up the building.

“Any person who as a condition of the grant, renewal or continuance of a tenancy demands in the case of monthly or shorter tenancy, the payment in advance of more than a month’s rent or in the case of tenancy exceeding six months, the payment in advance of more than six months’ rent shall be guilty of an offense and shall upon conviction by the appropriate rent magistrate be liable to a fine not exceeding 500 penalty unit or in default imprisonment term not exceeding 2 years or both,” he stated.

Citizens have complained that this act by the landlords and property owners force them to sleep on the street when the laws of the land demand that no landlord takes rent for more than 6 months.

Most people especially the youths and the low income earners will be very happy about this good news.

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