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Fuel Prices Increase: "The Media People Won't Talk About This" Ghanaians React As Fuel Prices Rise

The stability of gasoline prices has long been a major concern for most Ghanaians, as increases in fuel prices have an impact on a wide range of goods. This boosts the cost of living for almost everyone, which many people find unsettling. As a result, almost every political party promises to do all in their power to keep fuel prices consistent during election campaigns. This always seems to win people's hearts, and as a result, the political party gets elected to power. Once they come, though, the story almost always repeats itself. Gasoline prices are continuing to rise. No government has been able to cut fuel prices since the fourth republic.

A-Plus, a Ghanaian artist and political activist, recently posted something on Facebook that looks to have gained a lot of attention from Ghanaians. The post contained a screenshot of the current president's tweet criticizing fuel prices from his presidential campaign in December 2016. How worried he was that drivers would be unable to afford the high cost of gasoline at the moment, and therefore Ghanaians should vote him into power to make things right and make their life's look better

When Ghanaians saw A-article, Plus's they said things like this:

"They'll tell you it's everywhere, but I believe petrol prices in other nations were 50 pesewas throughout Mahama's period."

"There's nothing to argue with, guy; you played a part in this by writing songs and lobbying against 3.2 liters of gasoline in 2016." We are currently paying 6.8 cedis per liter, with forecasts indicating that we may reach 8 cedis per liter by the end of the year

So you played an important role to this dude!!!!!”

"When you were one of the leading campaigners to keep power, what is there to discuss?" "Let all endure.....three more for Nana in full gear," is the only issue now.

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