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Top 5 biggest markets in Africa.

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Do you know the biggest markets in Africa? Have you ever taught visiting one of them? Do you also know why they are the biggest? Don't worry, we got you covered. This article will tell you about the biggest markets in Africa. So relax and read through if you might see your country's market.

A market can be considered not only as an open spare venue where you can see a lot of traders who work around and try to sell their goods. Every market is filled with a lot of vendors who want to present their goods to the public.

You can see every sort of merchandise in biggest markets in West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, or any other part of Africa you really want to visit. Markets can also be a real deal for tourists who cannot imagine their lives without the local markets.

Without wasting much time, here I present to you 5 Biggest Markets in Africa.

1. Two Rivers Mall, Kenya, 65,000 square metres.

2. Karatina Open Market, Kenya, 130km.

3. Gateway Theater, South Africa, 220,00 square metres.

4. West Hills Mall, 93,000 square metres, Ghana.

5. Novare Lekki Mall, Nigeria, 22,000 square metres.

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