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Top 10 Business Opportunities In Africa

It is very difficult for one to think of a business idea im Africa. We have made a deep research into some of the business opportunities we have here in Africa. Below are the top 10;

1. Agriculture; Africa experience good rain so it is very prudent to start agricultural business like vegetation, poultry farm, fish farming etc. African countries export Cocoa, Coffee and other agricultural products.

2. Procurement; yout can start a procurement business by supplying goods and services to companies in your country. Procurement customers include both the government and the corporate world. Become a supplier of goods and services for a particular industry.

3. E-commerce Business: Most people in Africa like to buy things online, become a fortunate for them by operating an online business in your country. Jumia has so far dominated the industry.

4. Financial Consultant: Entrepreneurs are coming day in day out, they need an advise on how to invest their money, how to manage their finance and a whole lot. Become a professional Financial Consultant and you will never regret.

5. Provide loans for start up business: Banks in Africa charge high interest on loans so coming in to provide an ease for people will be of good idea. Make sure you secure your money before starting this business as it is very risky.

6. Films and video production: The youth now wants commedy and actors by so doing, film and video producers are also needed.

7. Real Estate; There is always demand for land. Acquire a large plot size of land and sell them in pieces to people. Land never depreciate you could get high profit making business with no risk.

8. Taxi Service: Africans wants luxury, develop a mobile application for people to book your taxi services. Uber and Bolt have been very successful in this business in Ghana.

9. Employee training; Be resourceful to train employees like Accountants, software trainer, security personnel and a whole lot.

10. Event and Partying Event; Every small thing in Africa we want a party, be an event organiser for most organisations in your country and for the individuals.

We hope this has been helpful to you, kindly leave your comment of what you think and what you want from us next time.

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