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Massive Reactions As Ghana's Economic Issues Worsen: Who Is To Be Blamed ?

The ongoing discussion on the economic situation has attracted various reactions from the length and breadth of the country.

Whilst Many Ghanaians were complaining of how the inflation rate had jumped to 31.7 percent, other Ghanaians were also complaining about the rising price of the cement.

'When would we build our houses', some Ghanaians ask due to the persistent increase in the price of building materials in the country.

Various media platforms represented the economic situation on their social media platforms and the feedback from the public has been alarming.

Why are fuel prices rising? Why has the dollar appreciated to the cedi? When would the situation in the country improve? Can the ruling NPP government be blamed for the economic situation in the country?

Would the NDC be able to solve the issues of they win power in 2024? What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion? Should the poor economic situation be blamed on the President and appointees?

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