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How Ghanaian youths are adopting technology In agriculture.

In the past, agricultural production in Ghana has been overly dependent on rainfall, while fertilizers and pesticides have been inappropriately used. Almost all Ghanaians farmers are smallholders, they eat what they grow and raise at their backyard for that year with excess sold at the local market for other essential needs. Overall, farmers struggled.

But Ghana now has a promising future, and here's why: Ghanaian youth are now leveraging modern agriculture technology to fuel agriculture success in Ghana. Young Ghanaian farmers are beginning the process of moving away from the traditional slash and burn methods of land clearing to no-till from the proper education and information that has been spread across the country by the No-till center. Young farmer no longer relies on the rainfall as a source of water for their crops but rather deploy the irrigation system of water supply and the use of solar energy to minimize cost. 

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