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The best items to sell fast and make money everywhere

There are so many basic items to sell and earn some money. Whether on the streets, mini-shops, in the boot of your private car or van and at public spaces, there are many ways to earn a living decently.

The products below are the easiest to sell. You can sell them in every city and villages around Ghana and beyond. To sell them you only need your hands. Just get your products, and stand with them in any good point of the street. 

The best products to sell on the street are:

1. Satchet water (pure water)

2. Tissues

3. Bottled water – small and closed in factory

4. Sunglasses (you can buy them and then resell for more)

5. Belts

6. Hand watches

7. Lighters

8. Roses (1 red rose or plastic flower decorators)

9. Cans of cola

10. Cheap jewelries (You can buy or shop and sell to already married people or to-be couples)

11. Phone chargers (you can buy them and resell with good markups)

12. Headphones

13. Batteries

14. Socks 

15. Wallets

16. Fresh and sour milk

17. Hats and caps (you can buy them and resell)

18. Nuts or sunflower seeds

19. Pasting and cleaning shoes service (it’s actually not an object, but on the street such a service can find many customers, as a voluntary service to earn money)

20. Mini-store or grocery store with foodstuffs, bread, oranges, bananas, vegetables

In tourist areas, you can try selling souvenir items like small symbols of local cities (for example mini towers in Paris or black star square in Accra) or typical local products like fragrances or herbs. You can also sell eating products that everyone likes and which people know are fresh and good (for example nuts).

An improved version of selling on the street is selling items or food or drink from vending carts or bicycles. You can also consider a meat business ideas.

You cannot afford to sit at home without doing anything. Just try something with confidence and you would never regret it, no matter what people would say to discourage you. keep on, because every business needs time to develop and as it grows new ideas of establishing falls in it right place.

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