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The Land Was Acquired By Nii Owoo And My Great Grandmother - Nii Lante Vanderpuye

I am uncomfortable talking about this because I am an Alodia owner. I am part of the family but I am waiting for the family.

The said land was acquired by Nii Owoo and my great grandmother Florence Naa Korley Lante Vanderpuye; after leaving Vanderpuye, she married Nii Owoo.

She was quite rich, had lots of lands, and gave some out for public good. She and her husband supplied guns for wars back then and they were compensated with lands.

They live a very simple life despite their riches. And you know back then, you can assign a trusted person over your land and as time passes by, it eventually becomes the watcher's property and they didn't care about that.

I grew up getting knowledge about all these from my grandfather and at a point, I felt that the matrilineal side are not getting anything.

I threw the attention of the patrilineal and alerted them, making them know we are losing lands, and started litigating from the days of Jerry John Rawlings, we started petitioning for parts of the lands.

We received 90 acres J. A Kuffour's time, increased to 123 acres in Prof Atta Mills' time and we are still demanding what we rightly deserve.

These were the words of Nii Lante Vanderpuye on Good Morning Ghana. Here's the link to the video:

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Alodia Nii Owoo Vanderpuye


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